David Vines and Nicholas Morris on Capital Failure


Nicholas Morris 2

David VinesAn interview with Oxford Professors David Vines and Nicholas Morris on Capital Failure: Rebuilding Trust in Financial Services. The authors speak with Seven Pillars Institute about their views on ethics, trust, regulation and the way forward in financial services.

  1. Your new book Capital Failure: Rebuilding Trust in Financial Services argues the culture of trust in the financial services industry was eroded over the past few decades. Can you give the main reasons for this erosion?

Chapter 2 of our book provides


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Income Inequality and Its Effect on Political Inequality

The third in SPI’s series on InequalityPolitical Inequality

By: Remy Smith

Political races are expensive. Candidates are pressed by consultants and campaign management to raise exorbitant amounts of money to create lit pieces and other advertisements that may sway potential voters. Recently, the advent of SuperPACs allows large donors to circumvent campaign contributions.

Though limited in direct contributions to a campaign (so called hard money), any individual can donate unlimited sums to a SuperPAC or soft money. The latter is used for issue advocacy or support of a candidate. SuperPACs are controversial because they


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Moral Cents

Financial EthicsMoral Cents is The Journal of Ethics in Finance, produced on a regular basis by the Seven Pillars Institute for Global Finance and Ethics. Click HERE to see the latest issues and read them in full.

Seven Pillars Institute for Global Finance and Ethics (SPI) and the Centre for Commercial Law Studies (CCLS) at Queen Mary University of London have a collaborative affiliation in their work on ethics, law, and regulation in finance. The goal of the collaboration is to foster a dialogue on important ethical policy issues affecting the financial services industry.

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Seven Pillars Institute for Global Finance and Ethics and IntegTree LLC have a collaborative affiliation. The two organizations plan to create online training programs in financial ethics and compliance management. The Programs will help financial institutions improve conformity with the law while also fostering ethical awareness.

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