Integrated Reporting: An Interview with Superna Khosla, PwC London

 By: Calvin BenedictS. Khosla

*The views expressed herein are those of the person being interviewed and do not necessarily reflect those of the Organization to which she is affiliated.

Our Research Associate Calvin Benedict gained a unique insight into Integrated Reporting through his Q&A session with Superna Khosla. Ms. Khosla is an Integrated Reporting Policy and Network Lead at PwC, London. Prior to this, she was the Relationships Director at the International Integrated Reporting Council (IIRC). Ms. Khosla certainly brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in


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Chinese Investments in Africa: The Ethics of Transparency

By: Richard Hudson


China’s investments in Africa attract considerable interest as the Chinese government expands its diplomatic engagement with the rest of the developing world. In particular, this engagement has seen large amounts of money invested from the People’s Republic of China into some of the poorest countries in Africa; Angola, Ethiopia and Sudan to name just a few. There are questions about the ethical implications of this lending, especially considering the poor human rights record of many of these African states. One specific aspect is considered here: the lack of transparency


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Moral Cents

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