The scope of the financial ethics research of SPI extends across a wide range of finance and outward geographically. Finance covers a plethora of activities. It is not just the brokerage, underwriting, and trading activities carried out by investment and commercial banks. Finance also is pervasive throughout a functioning economy. Private enterprises, non-profit organizations, non-governmental organizations, public organizations, and international organizations all have financial operations that are vital parts to their survival. The work of the Institute covers these areas.

In addition, SPI’s investigations and research are not limited to the United States but take it across the world. Thus, the Institute’s remit includes:
Global Financial Markets – US, Canada, and Mexico, Emerging Markets (EM), Asia, Europe, Middle-East, and Africa.

Macro policy issues – issues concerning financial instruments, financial institutions, financial policies and regulation, women and finance, Islamic finance, and micro-finance.

Micro firm policies – issues concerning company policies relating to and financial activities, transactions, and employees.