Moral Cents: The Journal of Ethics in Finance (Winter 2012)

This inaugural issue of Moral Cents features an eclectic selection of articles on financial ethics. The Editorial challenges readers to join the Institute’s quest. YRK Reddy gives a number of examples of ethical failures in finance and asks whether the financial sector needs an ethics reboot. Hannah Sandal suggests we consider a Rawlsian approach to bringing ethics back into financial practice. Lindsey and Noonan give a legal and ethical analysis on the hot topic of excessive executive compensation. Brady Copeman writes about legislation to help those threatened with foreclosure and gives his view on the ethical implications of the legislation. Mark Satterfield argues that socially responsible investing has ethical and financial rewards. Taylor Steelman thinks the bigger the scale and complexity of the economy, the less likely we are to act ethically. Finally, Travis Strawn revisits the limits to growth of the current global economic paradigm.

*This issue’s cover shows, clockwise, Hong Kong, Canary Wharf of London , Wall Street, and The School of Athens by Raphael in which Plato and Aristotle are the central figures.
Moral Cents: The Journal of Ethics in Finance is published by
Seven Pillars Institute of Global Finance and Ethics
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