SPI works with agencies, departments, and functional areas at all levels of government that are engaged in financial activities.  These groups may include:
Pension Funds
♦  Endowments
♦  Finance and Treasury Departments

We help government to instill and apply ethics in its financial entities.  The main services we offer are:

♦  Developing a Code of Ethics
We work with the organization to create a code of ethics.  These codes are designed to be sound, coherent, and legitimate with stakeholders.

♦  Ethics Education Seminars
Our seminars have three major goals:
1. To enhance ethical awareness by identifying ethical issues in finance specific to the functional area.
2. To improve ethical decision making through reason and the use of ethical frameworks.
To give guidance on how to act on these decisions.

♦  Ethics Consulting
We work with organizations on ethical issues to provide viable solutions.