Financial Institutions

Financial Ethics Education

For over 25 years, Dr. Kara Tan Bhala, the President and founder of Seven Pillars Institute, has worked in a number of financial areas (asset management, sales, research, and consulting) and institutions (private banks, mutual funds, hedge funds, investment banks).  Her work has largely been on Wall Street but she has also lived and worked in almost all the major global financial centers.  Therefore, she has hands-on, global experience in the financial industry.  This experience together with her expertise in ethics puts Dr. Tan Bhala in the unique position of being able to speak and write knowledgeably on the topic of ethics in financial institutions.

SPI offers financial ethics education to financial institutions in all functional areas:

♦  Sales

♦  Trading (buy side and sell side)

♦  Investment Management

♦  Private Equity

♦  Investment Banking

♦  Commercial Banking

SPI addresses specific ethical issues arising in different sectors of finance.  Our ethics education seminars have three major goals:

1. To enhance ethical awareness by identifying ethical issues specific to the functional areas of finance.

2. To improve ethical decision making through reason and the use of ethical frameworks.

3. To give guidance on how to act on these decisions.