Case Studies

The Institute welcomes readers to contribute to its online library of Financial Ethics Case Studies (FECS). The cases should be financial in scope and contain ethical issues. These issues should then be discussed and analyzed using one or more rigorous frameworks of Moral Philosophy. Remedies or policy recommendations are encouraged.  Please send case studies to:


  1. Case Study: Iceland’s Banking Crisis
  2. Impact Investments: Good Profits?
  3. When Businessmen Rule The State
  4. Case Study: Deutsche Bank Money Laundering Scheme
  5. Ethics Analysis: The Panama Papers
  6. Wells Fargo Fake Accounts Scandal
  7. Ethics Analysis: Foreign Bribery Part 2: Trump Financial Ethics Watch Series
  8. Ethics Analysis: Trump’s Conflicts of Interest Part 1: Trump Financial Ethics Watch Series
  9. Ethics of US Student Loan Debt
  10. Pharmaceutical Industry Ethics
  11. The Valeant Pharmaceuticals Case
  12. Trade Adjustment Assistance and Game Theory
  13. Universal Basic Income: Empirical Studies
  14. Ethics of Universal Basic Income
  15. The Ethics of Tax Breaks on Bank Fines
  16. The Transparency Task Force
  17. 2008 Financial Crisis
  18. Review: The Big Short
  19. Ethics of Socially Responsible Funds
  20. Mitigating TBTF: The Australian Four Pillars Policy
  21. The Ethics of China’s Land Expropriation Rules and Reforms
  22. Necessity and The Minimum Wage
  23. Financing America’s Public Schools Ethically
  24. The Alchemy of the G-30 Report on Banking Conduct and Culture
  25. Has Bank Culture Changed to Ensure Ethical Behavior?
  26. More on the Ethics of Bitcoin
  27. Ferguson: A Financial Ethics Explanation
  28. Tax Systems: A Brief Ethical Discourse
  29. The Case of Goldman Sachs and 1MDB
  30. The Ethics of Bitcoin
  31. Ethical Issues of the Puerto Rico Debt Crisis
  32. Forex Scandal: The Ethics of Exchange Rate Manipulation
  33. Codes of Ethics for Financial Institutions
  34. Income Inequality Series
  35. Insider Trading Cases
  36. Taxation Cases
  37. India Series
  38. Asian Cases
  39. Global Financial Leaders Insist on the Necessity of Financial Ethics
  40. JPMorgan: Code of Ethics and Revisions Since the 2008 Financial Crisis
  41. Trans-Pacific Partnership: Common Good or Corporate Good?
  42. China and Corruption: The Case of GlaxoSmithKline
  43. Ethics and Trickle Down Economics: A Case Study of Kansas
  44. Community Banking: The Case of The Bank of Prairie Village
  45. Greek Debt Crisis: The EU Should Learn from UAE
  46. The Ethics of Executive Compensation: A Matter of Duty
  47. The Ethics of Swiss National Bank’s Currency Intervention
  48. Credit Default Swaps: An Update
  49. Profit and Ethics in Short Selling: The Case of Muddy Waters
  50. The Fall of Anglo Irish Bank
  51. Corporate Fraud in India: Case Studies of Sahara and Saradha
  52. Corporate Disasters in India: Bhopal, Uphaar and AMRI Hospital
  53. An Ethical Analysis of the 2014 FIFA World Cup in Brazil
  54. Cross Border Securities Enforcement: The Case of Tiger Asia Management, LLC
  55. The Effectiveness and Ethics of Economic Sanctions
  56. The Vatican Bank: Conforming to Caritas in Veritate?
  57. Policy and Poverty: US, UK and China
  58. Cheung Kong and the Apex Horizon Hotel
  59. Chinese Investments in Africa: The Ethics of Transparency
  60. The Bangladeshi Factory Collapse: A Case for Intervention and Policy Change
  61. The LIBOR Scandal and Reform Agenda: Can We Trust These Rates Again?
  62. What Should We Charge the Poor: Ethics in Microfinance
  63. Shining a Light on Dark Pools
  64. The EU Financial Transaction Tax Debate
  65. HSBC Money Laundering Case: “Too Big to Fail” does not mean “Too Big to Jail”
  66. Quantitative Easing and Income Inequality
  67. Bank of America’s Takeover of Merrill Lynch
  68. Insider Trading in Japan: The Nomura Case
  69. Private Equity Funds: Christian Ethics and Leveraged Buyout Funding
  70. The FSA vs. David Einhorn: A Case of Regulatory Overreach?
  71. Nationalization: Argentina vs. Spain, The YPF Repsol Case
  72. Jon Corzine and MF Global
  73. Dimon and the Whale
  74. The Ethics of Taxation Trilogy: Part I – An Ethical Analysis of Inheritance Tax
  75. The Ethics of Taxation Trilogy: Part II – The Buffett Rule: The Ethics of a Millionaire’s Tax
  76. The Ethics of Taxation Trilogy: Part III – Carried Interest and Taxing Private Equity
  77. Taiwan’s Asset Management Corporations
  78. Insider Trading: What Would Rawls Do?
  79. The Dearth of Ethics and the Death of Lehman Brothers
  80. Financing, Ethics, and the Brazilian Olympics
  81. Islamic Finance
  82. Taiwan’s Credit Card Crisis
  83. The Accumulation of Greek Debt
  84. Goldman Sachs and the ABACUS deal
  85. High Frequency Trading
  86. Hedge Funds
  87. Disclosure: The Bernie Madoff Case
  88. Mark Cuban and Insider Trading
  89. IndyMac and the Office of Thrift Supervision
  90. Lehman Brothers and Repo Accounting
  91. Municipal Reinvestment Case
  92. Raj Rajaratnam and Insider Trading